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.PHONY: all clean generate fmt
.PHONY: tidy get build test up
GO ?= go
GOFMT ?= gofmt
GOFMT_FLAGS = -w -l -s
GOPATH ?= $(shell $(GO) env GOPATH)
GOBIN ?= $(GOPATH)/bin
TMPDIR ?= $(CURDIR)/.tmp
REVIVE_CONF ?= $(TOOLSDIR)/revive.toml
REVIVE_RUN_ARGS ?= -config $(REVIVE_CONF) -formatter friendly
REVIVE ?= $(GO) run -v
V = 0
Q = $(if $(filter 1,$V),,@)
M = $(shell if [ "$$(tput colors 2> /dev/null || echo 0)" -ge 8 ]; then printf "\033[34;1m▶\033[0m"; else printf "▶"; fi)
all: get generate tidy build
clean: ; $(info $(M) cleaning)
rm -rf $(TMPDIR)
fmt: ; $(info $(M) reformatting sources)
$Q find . -name '*.go' | xargs -r $(GOFMT) $(GOFMT_FLAGS)
tidy: | fmt ; $(info $(M) tidying up)
$Q $(GO) mod tidy
$Q $(GO) vet ./...
get: ; $(info $(M) downloading dependencies)
$Q $(GO) get -v -tags tools ./...
build: ; $(info $(M) building)
$Q $(GO) build -v ./...
test: ; $(info $(M) building)
$Q $(GO) test ./...
up: ; $(info $(M) updating dependencies)
$Q $(GO) get -u -v ./...
$Q $(GO) mod tidy
generate: ; $(info $(M) generating data)
$Q git grep -l '^//go:generate' | sort -uV | xargs -r -n1 $(GO) generate $(GOGENERATE_FLAGS)