asciigoat's INI parser
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asciigoat's INI parser

Go Reference Go Report Card is a simple Go library that very loosly parses INI-style documents allowing the implementation of stricter parsers of similar form.

asciigoat is MIT licensed.


parser.Parser uses asciigoat's lexer to process an INI-style document emiting tokens and errors via callbacks.

Basic Parser

basic.Decode() provies a one-shot decoder that returns a structured document for you to post-process.

To allow for correct handling of repetition of section and field names downstream, it uses arrays instead of maps, and makes almost no judgment about what section or field names are acceptable.

Other Implementations

Other implementations exist, and they are mature and feature-rich, but they are highly opinionated about what's a valid file. Built around maps they don't allow repeating names and constraint what characters can be used.

These are great when you can adapt, or already agree, to their conditions but that's not always the case when you are parsing configuration files from other applications and that's what attempts to solve.

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